Mistra Geopolitics

A core ambition of Mistra Geopolitics is to provide research that can identify and strengthen the opportunities for peace and security and human security that can arise in the dynamics of a changing geopolitical landscape and the pursuit of sustainable development.

Research within the programme is guided under the research themes Food Security, Sustainable Oceans, Decarbonization, Foresight Capabilities and Emerging Technologies.

Read the Mistra Geopolitics annual report 2021 with introduction by
Lena Ek, Chair of the Board, and foreword by Björn-Ola Linnér, Programme Director.

Lena Ek
Chair of the Board, Mistra Geopolitics
Today, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and alarming reports from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is increasingly significant. The work of our researchers and scientists has become more urgent and more needed. How will the present situation affect climate, food security, minerals, transport, human rights and human beings – today, and in the future? And how can we find answers to these pressing realities?

Mistra Geopolitics annual report 2021

Björn-Ola Linnér
Programme Director, Mistra Geopolitics
Geopolitics, climate change and societal transformations toward decarbonization and resilience are tightly linked. This has been the rationale behind Mistra Geopolitics since we launched this research programme in 2017. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our contributions to research and policy are painfully more relevant than ever.


The programmes ongoing research, policy engagament and media exposure during 2021 is highlighted below. Remarkable from last year’s outreach activities is the high-level policy engagament and extensive media exposure performed by key researchers within Mistra Geopolitics.

At the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations in Glasgow (COP26), countries met to discuss how to solve the climate crisis. Nations adopted the Glasgow Climate Pact, aiming to turn the 2020s into a decade of climate action and support.

Vincent Boulanin, Senior Researcher at SIPRI and researcher within Mistra Geopolitics, was invited to a virtual UN Security Council Arria-formula meeting entitled “The impact of emerging technologies on international peace and security,” held in June 2021.

Mistra Geopolitics scientists were quoted in 425 media articles published by international and Swedish news outlets during 2021. This media exposure is the highest since the programme started in 2018, reaching around 710 million potential news readers, listeners or viewers.


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