Annual Report 2019

“The ultimate goal of Mistra Geopolitics is to enhance foresight capacity for sustainable development efforts in a world formed by multiple transformative processes – global environmental change, new technologies, and political-economic shifts.


The geopolitics emerging out of COVID-19 may well be a defining, historic moment for sustainable development policy. The pandemic could be tipping the scales of the Paris Agreement. We may see a turn toward more isolationism and pollution-intensive economic recovery efforts. However, the COVID-19 pandemic may also spur geopolitics of generosity. It may offer a timely opportunity to shift towards greener, healthier and more resilient societies.


Mistra Geopolitics and its many partners are well positioned to contribute to the task of navigating the geopolitical landscape in the aftermath of COVID-19. As the contents of this report amply illustrate, Mistra Geopolitics’ analyses have never been more timely and important.”


Read the foreword by Mistra Geopolitics Programme Director, Björn-Ola Linnér.

The report includes highlights from ongoing research in the five work packages; studies on geopolitics of electric vehicles and geopolitics of decarbonisation; quotes from the podcast series; feature articles; and a list of publications, events and media appearances.


Will Climate Change Increase Conflict Risks?

This study estimated that climate has influenced between 3 percent and 20 percent of armed conflict risk over the last century. A key finding of the study is an agreement that climate change has increased conflict risks historically, but other drivers, such as low socioeconomic development and low capabilities of the state, are much more influential.

China’s Rising Role in Sustainable Development and Peacebuilding Contexts

How are China’s aid modalities and perspectives on security affecting outcomes related to peace, security and sustainable development in the Global South? What are the implications of China’s role for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Conversation Series Podcast

Read about the Mistra Geopolitics podcast “En värld i förändring” (A changing world) launched in 2019 featuring conversations with experts, social debaters and Mistra Geopolitics researchers engaging in discussions on climate, environmental change and international security.

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Mistra Geopolitics Annual Report 2019