Annual Report 2018

The world has become multi-polar and multi-conceptual due to state-centered politics, major-power tensions, smaller-state disruptions and geo-economic risks. Geopolitics as a predictive practice assumes that geography matters by limiting choices and that actors, organized in units larger than families, pursue narrow interests, which leaves limited room for agency and leadership.

The climate is changing, environmental problems are increasingly on the rise, and we are becoming more aware of how decisions in one part of the world, affect people and environments in another part of the world. Geopolitical conflicts are disguised as a new era of innovation, with security experts talking about climate and environmental issues as the big drivers of change in the world.

“Mistra Geoplitics research programme is taking a holistic view, combining climate and security issues. It provides a platform for research and debate on the global challenges of our time, thereby paving the way for solutions. As chairperson of the board I want to thank all excellent researchers working in the programme, and highly recommend decision makers to learn more about the programme by reading the highlights in this annual report.”

– Lena Ek, Chair of the Board, Mistra Geopolitics.

“I am very excited about the coming year as we continue to work with our stakeholders towards effecting policies. We look forward to sharing our research with a broader audience through a podcast series, a platform where we will have honest and candid conversations with experts and changemakers on various subjects. Deeper understanding and engagements to address the inter- linkages between global environmental change, security and social change, will strengthen our ability to navigate just transformations toward sustainability.”

– Björn-Ola Linnér, Programme Director, Mistra Geopolitics.


Download the 2018 annual report below.

Mistra Geopolitics Annual Report 2018