A game changing?

Overall, the “trade game” can be expected to change profoundly as geopolitics of decarbonization unfolds. Among the challenges this has in store for decision-makers are planning for an uncertain future, finding the right balance of priorities and achieving policy coherence.

The authors highlight entry points for EU policy makers to improve the analysis and to advance policy responses in order to prepare for a changing “trade game”. This can build on more in-depth research available on the different topics, cited throughout the paper.

Along all three dimensions identified, region-specific insights and actors mapping might help unravel the complexity. Transparent dialogue with partners, whenever politically feasible, could enrich the results of these exercises.

Citation and funding

Citation: Ivleva, Daria and André Månberger 2021: A game changing? The geopolitics of decarbonisation through the lens of trade. With contributions by Julia Kirr. Scoping paper for Mistra Geopolitics. Berlin: adelphi.

This scoping paper contributes to the Geopolitics of Decarbonization theme of the Mistra Geopolitics research programme phase I, funded by Mistra – The Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research.

Authors of this publication

André Månberger , Daria Ivleva ,