Lena Ek is the new chair of Mistra Geopolitics

Lena Ek. Photo Credit: Ola Kjelbye

Former Swedish Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek is the new chairperson of the multidisciplinary research programme, Mistra Geopolitics.

It is now increasingly more important to understand the complexity of how climate and environmental issues interact with security issues. Last year, the research foundation Mistra supported a new four-year research program to develop new knowledge about these relationships. An important goal for the program is to communicate the results to business and policy makers.

“The climate impact affects us globally and politically in areas such as energy, food, forest, water and migration. It is a question of cross-border challenges and in order to meet them, cross-border research is needed. Mistra Geopolitics is designed to handle this,” says Lena Ek.

Lena Ek succeeds Anders Kompass, who has now taken office as Sweden’s ambassador to Guatemala.

For further information, please contact:

Eva Krutmeijer, Communication Manager, Mistra Geopolitics
Phone +46 709 84 66 38, eva@krutmeijer.se

Ylva Rylander, Press Officer, Stockholm Environment Institute
Phone: +46 731 503 384, ylva.rylander@sei-international.org @SEIresearch


Mistra Geopolitics is a research programme funded by Mistra, that examines the dynamics of geopolitics, human security and environmental change. The programme brings together a strong interdisciplinary research team consisting of six Swedish core consortium partners: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Linköping University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Lund University.

More information about the Mistra Geopolitics programme is available at www.mistra-geopolitics.org Twitter: #MistraGeopolitics