Join Mistra Geopolitics in Almedalen 2018

Who are the actors that will lead the transformation towards a sustainable future?

Three of Mistra Geopolitics’ researchers: Björn-Ola Linnér, Karin Bäckstrand and Åsa Persson, will lead this discussion at a seminar on Monday 2nd July at 8.30 -10.00 am. The seminar, organized together with Hagainitiativet and the Stockholm Environment Institute, aims to inspire and set the tone for open discussions during the Almedalen week, Sweden’s largest annual democratic gathering on social and political issues.

Our society today is faced with so many challenges, but who bears the greatest responsibility to push for change?

Researchers, politicians and business leaders are invited to this seminar. Join the conversation on social media through the #MistraGeopolitics hashtag and visit our website for updates.

Date: Monday 2nd July
Time: 08:30 – 10:00
Place: Korsgatan 4, Visby
Organisers: Mistra Geopolitics, Hagainitiativet and Stockholm Environment Institute
Researchers: Bjorn-Ola, Karin Bäckstrand and Åsa Persson

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