Upcoming event: OECD Spring board meeting in Paris, France

Photo credit: © Marco Illuminati – OECD/Flickr

The Mistra Geopolitics Board, Management Team, and Work Package Leaders have been invited to the OECD in Paris, France for their Spring board meeting. In addition to overseeing the governance of the Mistra Geopolitics Programme, the team will spend two days interacting with relevant experts across the OECD which includes foresight, policy coherence, and environment directorates, as well as counterparts in the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidary Transition and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Location: OECD Paris, 2 Rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris, France

Date: May 17-18

Host: Annika Markovic, Swedish Permanent Representative to the OECD and UNESCO