WANTED: PhD students

Here is an opportunity for PhD students from low and middle-income countries to join the Mistra Geopolitics Research School in Sweden for the Autumn Semester 2018.

In this call you find more information about how to apply for financial support for PhD students to spend a semester as guest researchers at the Mistra Geopolitics Research School. The aim of the support is to strengthen the links with partner organizations and to enable PhD students from low or middle income countries to spend a semester in Sweden and take part of the course work and activities of Mistra Geopolitics Research School.

An important selection criteria is that the topic of the PhD dissertation should be clearly linked to the research agenda of one or several work packages within the Mistra Geopolitics Programme (www.mistra-geopolitics.se). The visiting PhD student will be hosted by one of Mistra Geopolitics’ partner universities or institutions and linked up with a senior scholar who will serve as a mentor during the period of the affiliation. The goal is that the visiting PhD students are distributed among different partner institutions in the consortium.

Please circulate this call within your networks. Any questions, please contact Timothy Suljada tim.suljada@sei-international.org or the Research School Rector at Stockholm University, Maria-Therese Gustafsson maria-therese.gustafsson@statsvet.su.se.

Download the call for applications for the Research School as a PDF >